Global entertainment and media outlook 2015 – 2019:
TV subscriptions

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Will the ‘cord cutter’ phenomenon have an impact in the next 5 years?

According to the US entertainment and media outlook: 2015–2019, the next five years will hold major changes for how people watch and subscribe to TV.

This infographic highlights the key TV subscription findings from the Outlook, placing focus primarily on the disruption caused by over-the-top (OTT) players. Notably, as OTT becomes more accessible, pay-TV continues to fall. OTTs have the potential to change the TV space in the next five years due to the increased number of new players, subscriptions being cut/reduced, and new devices. The push is primarily caused by younger audiences subscribing to digital platforms rather than pay-TV which is consequently leading to a growth in M&A. View the infographic below for more details on the changes to TV subscriptions.

Global entertainment and media outlook: TV

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