Global entertainment and media outlook 2014 – 2018:
Internet and TV advertising

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Which do you interact with more: Internet or TV Ads?

According to the US entertainment and media outlook: 2014–2018, internet and TV advertising will both continue to grow, but their trajectories will be very different.

While the Outlook predicts that TV advertising isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and will still create higher revenue than internet advertisements, internet advertising is growing at a much faster rate. Increase in DVRs, digital media and second screen devices will have radical effects on how people watch TV, consequently changing how they interact with ads. While internet advertising continues to grow at an increased rate, the internet is not without its own disrupters such as in-app advertising, mobile e-commerce and more. View the infographic below for more details on the difference between internet and TV ads.

Global entertainment and media outlook: Internet and TV advertising

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