Global entertainment and media outlook: 2015 - 2019

US launch

Introduction and Outlook key trends and themes presented by Sean DeWinter, Partner, Entertainment, Media and Communications, PwC

Interview with Marcel Fenez, Global Entertainment and Media Leader, PwC by Jessi Hempel, Technology Editor, Wired

Interview with Rich Battista, President, People and Entertainment Weekly, Time Inc. by Joe Atkinson, Advisory Leader, Entertainment, Media and Communications, PwC

Interview with Larry Aidem, President and CEO, Iconic Entertainment Inc. by Stefanie Kane, Assurance Leader, Entertainment, Media and Communications, PwC

Interview with Rick Haskins, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Digital Programs, The CW Network by Lori Driscoll, Advisory, Entertainment, Media and Communications, PwC

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We are pleased to present the 16th edition of PwC’s Global entertainment and media outlook.
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After more than a decade of digital disruption, the new entertainment and media landscape continues to change rapidly. Consumers are choosing interactions and experiences with content not based on channels or platforms, but on what’s most satisfying, relevant, and convenient. Digital and traditional media are coexisting in the rising age of the consumer but the battle is far from over. We believe successful entertainment and media companies need to focus on three major imperatives:

  • Innovating around the product and the user experience
  • Developing seamless consumer relationships across distribution channels
  • Putting mobile (and increasingly video) at the center

Outlook uncovers hot topics that bring to life the catalysts for growth that impact companies across all E&M and Communications segments.

PwC gives you a first look at the new data and themes from the most comprehensive five-year economic forecast for industry revenue, ad spending and internet access. Highlights from the Outlook results for the film and music industry as well as TV subscriptions and advertising are available particularly impactful changes occurring in these areas.