US Entertainment Media and Communications deal insights: Q3 2013 update

November 2013
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US Entertainment Media and Communications deal insights: Q3 2013 update

At a glance

Internet, Communications and Publishing sub-sectors saw increased deal activity, contributing to the 9% growth in announced deals for the 3 quarters ended 2013 versus prior year. In addition to deal trends for the year to date, a deeper look at one sub-sector -- telecom operations -- and the deal opportunities abounding as telecom companies look to improve network operations and spectrum efficiency.

Welcome to the first issue of US entertainment, media & communications deal trends, a quarterly publication prepared by the entertainment, media & communications (EMC) deal professionals at PwC. Similar to the annual report we published for nearly 10 years, we continue to focus on merger and acquisition trends in the EMC sector including domestic and outbound deals, corporate versus private equity deals, and a look at sub-sector activity. Where historically we provided a high level outlook on each sub-sector, we now offer a deeper dive into a single industry specific deal driver. Many deal drivers increasingly include technological and regulatory flavors and we need to take a closer look at those. We think this approach gets to the heart of where deal makers see opportunities and where future deal activity will emerge from.

The spotlight article in this issue, Looking Ahead: M&A opportunities for network operators and vendors, offers insight into the immediate outlook for deal-making in the telecom operations and technology sector as network operators improve efficiency of spectrum usage and optimize their network to meet customer demand. Small cell technology continues to be an attractive investment opportunity to mitigate the effects of exponentially increasing data usage.

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