Consumer Intelligence Series
Videoquake 1.0: Video content consumption

January 2014
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Consumer intelligence series

At a glance

According to the latest in PwC's Consumer Intelligence series, while traditional subscriptions still dominate, content discovery happens mostly online.

Video content consumption

The goal of this research was to explore current video subscription services as well as desires for new services and package options, with a specific focus on:

  • Optimal video packages and amounts consumers are willing to pay,
  • Critical factors of influence for TV show/channel selection,
  • Willingness to watch ads in lieu of paying fees, by device,
  • Nature of interaction of mobile device use with traditional and online video
  • Consumption patterns related to content viewing: live versus recorded

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Viewers want a la carte cable

Fox Business covers PwC's Entertainment & Media Consumer Intelligence Series findings on TV consumption preferences.

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