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Smart home, seamless life - Unlocking a culture of convenience 
January 2017

The internet of things (IoT) is set to transform—and disrupt—the way we live. For now, much of this movement has centered in and around the home. Inside our four walls lies tremendous opportunity and potential for connected products to make our lives easier, safer, less stressful. 

But what do consumers really think about these smart home devices? Are they ready to embrace a connected life, no matter the cost? To find out more, we asked them. 

Through an online survey and a series of focus groups, this new, original research exposes consumer understanding, adoption, usage, and consumption habits of smart technology in the home. This report also reveals: 

  • Top motivators for future purchase among current non-adopters 
  • Consumer hesitation and purchase barriers 
  • Pricing sensitivity and limits 
  • Appetite for additional services and features beyond the purchase of a device
  • Characteristics of an ideal smart home of the future 

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