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The Consumer Intelligence Series is PwC's award-winning consumer focused research through which we gain directional insights on consumer attitudes and behaviors in the rapidly changing media and technology landscape. Our findings reflect the intersection between online survey, focus groups, immersion sessions with industry specialists and social listening.

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Videoquake 4.0: Binge, stream, repeat - how video is changing forever

2016 was a watershed year for video consumption. Streaming services continued to proliferate, leading to more options and more video consumption than ever before.We investigate this changing landscape and how it impacts consumers’ relationships with video in our fourth edition of Videoquake.

Recent issues in the series

Driving the future: understanding the new automotive consumer

A closer look at autonomous vehicles, in-car technology, car sharing and ride sharing.

Empowering city brands: Bridging the perception and reality divide

Cities wield more power and influence than ever before. Currently, more than half of the world’s population calls a city their home and in 2050 that number is estimated to rise to two- thirds.

Always connected: US-based Hispanic consumers dominate mobile, entertainment, and beyond

US Hispanic consumers represent a highly sought-after—and growing—market of buyers and influencers. But understanding how to target this market has caused confusion over the years. PwC continues to better understand Hispanic consumers so you can speak to them individually, authentically, with purpose.

Consumer Intelligence Series - The wearable life 2.0

Building upon a study performed in 2014, PwC launched the 2016 wearable technology consumer research to better understand the wearable technology consumption landscape and identify trends in the industry to unearth potential opportunities and applications.

Consumer Intelligence Series: Work-life 3.0: Understanding how we'll work next

Our newest Consumer Intelligence Series report focuses on the changing workforce dynamics —the state of jobs today and where they're headed— and how employers can best manage and optimize the workforce for success in the years ahead.

Consumer Intelligence Series: The burgeoning evolution of eSports

eSports is a massive industry that’s growing faster by the minute. Of course, competitive gaming has been around almost as long as video games themselves, but never has it garnered such hype and attention. PwC set out to explore eSports and its rising fame. What is it, who’s playing, and what does its future look like?

Consumer Intelligence Series: Hotel Loyalty

PwC takes a fresh look at today’s traveler to understand how their preferences are influencing investment priorities for the world’s leading hotel loyalty programs.

Consumer Intelligence Series: Videoquake 3.0: The evolution of TV's revolution

Shifts in consumer values and preferences continue to fuel the evolution of video content as consumers increase over-the-top video offerings. This third annual report explores through new research consumer attitudes towards video content.

Consumer Intelligence Series: Bonfire of the brands

Brand leadership has changed dramatically over the past twenty years, and there’s more chaos ahead. Our in-depth analysis of brand leadership in the 21st century uncovers key shifts in what consumers look for in top brands. Across major consumer sectors from technology and entertainment to retailers and banking, we dive into the evolution of leadership brands and what can be gleaned from the strategies they employed.

Consumer Intelligence Series: What kids want

Consumer Intelligence Series: What kids want

Kids and teens know what they want to watch and when and where they want to watch it. Although parents are the ones pressing play, content consumption is not in slow motion for kids and teens; instead it continues to grow with each age group. PwC studied the consumer attitudes and preferences of kids and teens ages 8-18 (and a group of parents) when it came to discovering and engaging with content and who controls content in the home.

Consumer Intelligence Series: The sharing economy

Consumer Intelligence Series: The sharing economy

Consumers are showing a robust appetite for the sharing based-economy. In this issue we study the impact of sharing on the wider market and learn what incumbents and challengers must do to position themselves ahead of disruption and to capitalize on new sources of revenue.

Consumer Intelligence Series: Customer care evolution

Consumer Intelligence Series: Customer care evolution

For customer service, problem resolution matters most, but there are other factors that shape a consumer's perception of a company. In fact, consumers penalize companies for a poor experience more than they reward them for a good one. PwC studied the consumer attitudes and preferences towards the various channels of customer care available today, and identifies areas companies can action.

Box office trends

Box office trends

High ticket pricing is just one reason why US theatrical box office declined over the summer. PwC takes a fresh look at the key factors driving attendance at movie theaters, and what consumers say can motivate greater movie viewership amid growing competition.

Feeling the effects of the Videoquake 2.0: Changes in how we consume video content

Videoquake 2.0 - Feeling the effects of the videoquake. Changes in how we consumer video content

Increasingly, consumers are rethinking how they access video content, with more and more people subscribing to direct-to-consumer online streaming services, on-demand and alternative forms of television – and moving away from the bundle. PwC's research explores consumer attitudes towards video content and corresponding behavioral shifts changing the industry at large.

The wearable technology future

The wearable technology future

There are many applications for wearable tech in enterprise and in life. It will upend the retail industry, revolutionize health care and will likely change advertising and content as we know it. But for wearables to work, they must be anchored in human centered design. PwC's research digs into the business of wearables and the consumer attitudes and preferences that will shape the future of wearable technology.

Spotlight on US Hispanic consumers

Spotlight on US Hispanic consumers

Our current research focuses on better understanding Hispanic consumer attitudes and behaviors in the rapidly changing media, technology, and healthcare landscape. For businesses aiming to succeed in today’s economy, Hispanics represent unparalleled growth opportunities.

Digital disruptor: How Bitcoin is driving innovation in entertainment, media and communications

Digital disruptor: How Bitcoin is driving innovation in entertainment, media and communications

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency and has gained traction recently. PwC's report discussing the evolution and impact of Bitcoin, and its adoption in sectors such as entertainment, media video games, casino gaming, travel & tourism, telecom and internet.

Past issues in the series