New business models

New business models

At PwC, we understand that new business models are critical in the digital age. Technological innovations are fundamentally changing consumer behavior and expectations - and eroding traditional revenue flows.

From newspapers to television and from movies to music, every industry is striving to develop new business models that not only sustain operations, but also lay a foundation for innovation and growth.

PwC's business consultants and strategists guide businesses through the complexities of the shifting industry landscape. Our areas of expertise:

  • Incorporating consumer behavior and expectations into business models
  • Developing strategies to attract and retain customers
  • Driving new business approaches while managing risk
  • Developing new advertising models without sacrificing profitability
  • Identifying new revenue streams
  • Providing advertising customer analytics
  • Creating innovative partnerships while protecting intellectual property
  • Integrating acquisitions rapidly without eroding value
  • Opening up infrastructure while maintaining security
  • Validating accounting, tax and legal implications

Publisher identifies $500 million in potential revenue by exploring innovative new business models

A leading publishing house was concerned about the impact of digital convergence on its bottom line. They asked PwC to examine their business plans for its key operating divisions and to perform a top-line competitive analysis of the marketplace. Coupling our industry and market knowledge, our professionals helped define an actionable set of innovative ideas to increase overall corporate revenue. The publisher was very impressed with the ground-breaking thinking and they further developed five ideas that they estimate represent about $500 million in potential revenues - some replacing existing revenue streams and others representing new business channels.