Advertising effectiveness

Advertising effectiveness


IAB internet advertising revenue report

Digital media is continuously redefining how advertising is created, sold, consumed and tracked. By modeling advertising and revenue-generation scenarios, PwC can help you optimize your approach and develop a roadmap for structuring new partnerships, revenue models, advertising formats and reporting metrics to drive your business forward.

Three canvases are in play - traditional television, billboards and other established advertising formats - along with Internet and emerging mobile advertising opportunities that can be customized to individual consumers.

Whether your company is looking to extend its brand in new, high-impact ways or to capitalize on the next frontier of cross-platform consumer engagement, PwC can help. Our areas of expertise:

  • Navigating privacy in the era of personalized, targeted advertising
  • Identifying innovative partnerships to explore multi-platform opportunities
  • Delivering timely, credible metrics gauging the effectiveness of your ads
  • Optimizing marketing spend in the digital age - and in an uncertain economy
  • Gauging potential revenue streams for different approaches to monetizing your content across the three screens

A telecom giant used "voice of the advertiser" research to explore triple-screen ad models

Due to the disruptive changes in advertising models, this company wanted to know if advertisers would be interested in a new multiplatform advertising buy. Given our history of helping other organizations with advertising effectiveness programs, this client asked us for help. PwC conducted extensive interviews with marketplace professionals and analyzed the feedback, arriving at eight common themes for success in the marketplace. Pleased with the direction, PwC continued to help this organization with implementing a series of advertising and commerce pilots based on the analysis.