3things: The three things you need to know about...

    About PwC’s 3things publication series:

    The objective of our 3things series is to highlight three key takeaways from evolving risk and regulatory issues impacting the Technology, Communications, Media & Entertainment and Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure sectors. Companies in these rapidly evolving industries face increasing market and competitive risks, as well as other internal and financial risks from the challenges of managing their complex - and often global - businesses.

    They are also facing an uncertain regulatory environment, as regulators across the globe grapple with how to effectively implement their policy objectives in an era of unprecedented technological change. As these risk and regulatory issues emerge, we will publish future 3things which aims to provide a timely, concise and practical analyses of the issue. 


    Issues in this series

    The 3 things you need to know about...The DMCA and Online Service Providers

    While Online Service Providers (OSPs) currently rely on the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to address copyright infringement by their users, it is becoming increasingly  difficult for them to keep up with the sheer volume of notices and new innovations that make copyright infringement, not only easy, but often unintended.

    The 3 things you need to know about...Raising the Bar - The FCC’s new Broadband Privacy Rules

    This release discusses the FCC’s approval of the Broadband Privacy Order, its implications for telecommunication companies, and the potential impact of a new Republican Administration on FCC enforcement.

    The 3 things ​you​ need to know about...​​Daily Fantasy Sports is “Game On” in New York

    This release discusses New York State’s finalization of their regulatory framework for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and the “state of play” in DFS across the U.S.​​

    The 3 things ​ISPs​ need to know about...​The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

    This report discusses the ambiguity around The Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") statutory language​ and the ​need for clarity and new solutions to ensure ISPs are compliant when faced with copyright infringement.

    3 things to know about: Checking in? Payment card security  continues to challenge hotel companies

    PCI DSS v3.2 solid foundational standard​s​ ​will aid in helping hotel companies ​protect themselves against cardholder and other sensitive data breaches. 

    3 things to know about: Privacy Shield has arrived… is it here to stay?

    This release discusses the EU Commission's adoption of the E.U.-US Privacy Shield, uncertainty around the Shield’s permanence, and the future landscape of transatlantic data flows. 

    3 things to know about: The net neutrality opinion:  The net impact is not neutral

    This release discusses ​t​he long-awaited DCCoA opinion addressing the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order, and more broadly the concept of Net Neutrality, has finally arrived.

    3 things to know about: Cuba: Open for business?

    This release discusses the opportunities and considerations involved for major players in the hospitality and travel industry interested in building a presence in Cuba.

    3 things to know about: The FCC’s proposed Broadband Privacy Rule

    This release highlights the potential NPRM specific guidelines, actionable privacy and security requirements ISPs will now be required to follow.

    3 things to know about: The impact of a new law banning use of forced labor on global supply chain

    This report discusses the wide range of industries that will be impacted by the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act.

    3 things to know about: Unlocking the Set-Top Box

    This report discusses the elements MVPDs must provide about their "navigable services" to adhere to the proposed ruling by the FCC, and the line that is drawn between those that favor this proposed rule and those that are against it

    3 things to know about: Transatlantic Data Flows in 2016 and Beyond

    This report discusses how Privacy Shield will face challenges along the road to implementation, causing concerns if it will provide protection under EU law and use personal data of EU citizens both inside and outside of the EU.

    3things to know: Newly Permitted Skill-Based Games for Casinos

    Nevada Senate Bill 9 permits casinos to offer games of skill, creating a new and potentially lucrative market. This report highlights three things you need to know to capitalize on this regulatory change.