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Advertising Week New York

The future of advertising & marketing, times are changing.

For one week, industry leaders gather in New York to discuss ​the latest in technology, content, ​user experience​, and more.​ ​Hear how companies are engaging consumers in a world of digital disruption​ and learn more about the future of advertising.

This year, PwC hosted a number of panels where experts discussed the ‘marketer’s dilemma’, the light shed on sports corruption, breakout branded content, and more. Watch our Industry Voices series for highlights. 


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Advertising Week was held in New York from September 26-29. Watch the recap now!


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The PwC US Outlook 2016-2020 launched on June 8th, live from New York. Watch the replay now.

Global entertainment and media outlook 2016-2020

A five-year economic forecast for industry revenue, ad spending and internet access

Capturing attention and value in today's global multi-speed media landscape has never been more challenging. Now in its 17th year, key findings from our Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020 go beyond the surface to unearth the powerful shifts and trends affecting today’s E&M landscape.

The US edition of the Outlook launched live in New York on June 8th. Through conversations with our distinguished speakers, we explored how consumers listen, read, watch and play across E&M categories that span television, video, music, publishing, video games and more. Watch highlights from the event now or click here to explore the Outlook further.



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