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PwC's quarterly publication focuses on critical tax legislation and regulatory developments that may impact entertainment, media and communications companies.

From outdated intercarrier compensation rules to changes in the tax treatment of new infrastructure investment, the communications landscape may be in for significant changes that go right to the bottom line.

PwC offers a range of services designed to help communications providers with a comprehensive regulatory strategy. We also provide integrated regulatory and internal costing systems, performance measures, and litigation support for a wide range of regulatory investigations. Our areas of expertise:

  • Local, state, federal and international tax services
  • Global human resource solutions
  • International Assignment Services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Transfer pricing

A leading US cable operator contests multi-year tax compliance audits, saves

The operator was undergoing the first wave of compliance audits by state's revenue department after the enactment of the Communications Services Tax of 2001. Based on PwC's previous work, the company called on PwC tax professionals to work alongside the audit team and the state's tax authorities to arrive at an agreement to substantially reduce the assessed tax due. As a result of PwC's approach to determining the proper tax due, the client realized a significant tax savings