Sustainable cost reduction

Sustainable cost reduction


10Minutes on sustainable cost reduction

PwC knows that successful communications companies manage costs to strategically position themselves during downturns to emerge stronger after the economy recovers. We also know that failed initiatives damage infrastructure and culture, leaving companies struggling well after a recession ends.

Our business consultants help your company get those foundational elements right, to ensure you implement both cost-reduction and cost-management strategies. Our areas of expertise:

  • Immediate cost-control stabilization and waste elimination
  • Tangible operating and discretionary cost savings
  • Greater clarity into business cost drivers
  • Improved accountability
  • Greater financial discipline

A satellite company found $6 million in revenue growth and cost-reduction opportunities

This satellite company wanted to know how well it was managing revenue-related risks, costs, and opportunities relative to its growing subscription-based revenues. Having successfully worked with PwC in the past, they asked us for an analysis and recommendations for cost saving areas. There were 40 areas identified where the company could eliminate revenue leakage or reduce costs. After prioritizing these areas, twelve areas that PwC identified for improvement were quantified, representing a potential annual savings of $6 million to $8 million.