New business models

New business models

PwC understands that convergence is creating one marketplace across the communications industry where companies are racing to capitalize on the high-speed digital future - from wireless and broadband services to new advertising and content distribution opportunities.

Successful digital transformations for cable, wireless and telecom companies demand access to capital markets, a strategy to attract and retain customers, and the ability to identify new revenue streams. At the same time, the accounting, tax and legal implications must be validated.

PwC's business consultants and strategists guide companies so they can nimbly manage change to fuse state-of-the-art technology with a clear and sustainable vision of the future. Our areas of expertise:

  • Capturing new revenue without sacrificing profitability
  • Integrating acquisitions rapidly without eroding value
  • Understanding consumers without getting lost in data
  • Opening up infrastructure while maintaining security
  • Creating innovative partnerships while protecting intellectual property
  • Driving innovation while managing risk
  • Identifying potential partners anywhere in the media ecosystem

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