Billing and provisioning

PwC is well aware of the complexities that communications companies face in managing multiple entities to deliver a seamless and ever more sophisticated customer experience.

They must work closely with device manufacturers, software vendors, content providers and advertisers to meet the consumer mandate for access to content anytime, anywhere and through any device.

Commercial relationships funded from fees are at each juncture and the success of these collaborations hinges on the efficient, accurate handling of high-volume and typically low-value transactions. We are positioned to help develop the billing and service environment to support the new world of digital media.

Communications provider builds controls and a compliance framework 

A large communications company needed to determine its compliance with the specific content protection measures and develop a point of view regarding the industry standard security measures. PwC leveraged its industry expertise and technical knowledge of content security to develop a detailed framework and security standards for managing video content processes and systems. With this detailed content protection framework and improved controls, the company is better positioned to negotiate for earlier access to content in the release windows.