Transportation and logistics

Shifting global markets. Increasing customer expectations. Digitized operations. Data-driven decisions.

The future prosperity of the transportation and logistics sector depends on its capacity to evolve.

As the backbone of modern global supply chains, the transportation and logistics sector is a key driver of economic activity. And as a connector of people, places and experiences, it thrives on meaningful demand. At the heart of the issues facing the related industries — airlines, railroads, shipping, trucking, logistics — is an accelerated pace of unprecedented change. Industry leaders need to continuously reassess their models.

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Global CEO Survey 2016 – Transportation and Logistics Cut

Transportation & logistics CEOs see more threats looming, chief among them over-regulation, exchange rate volatility and geopolitical uncertainty. They recognise that the market environment is changing dramatically, as are the expectations of stakeholders from customers to governments to employees. Technology stands out as both a force causing change and a way to manage it. Defining, managing and measuring risk is also a top priority for T&L CEOs looking to get better at meeting customer needs.

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