Transportation & Logistics

Serving as the backbone of modern global supply chains, the transportation and logistics sector is a key driver of economic activity and wealth creation. Considering the complexity and pace of the technological, operational, environmental, and global issues facing the industries that make up the sector, its future prosperity depends on its capacity to evolve.

Access the following publications to gain insights regarding some of the issues and trends affecting the Transportation & Logistics sector:

Tailwinds 2016 – Surging airline profits: Now what? Tailwinds 2016 – Surging airline profits: Now what?
Our latest report analyzes key metrics and trends in the global airline industry. It also delves into how airlines are using profits to improve their businesses and suggests other avenues of investment for building a sustainable future.
Assessing tax: 2016 Assessing tax: 2016
An examination of effective tax rates can provide insight into key industry trends and help you evaluate departmental strategy and performance. Learn more about the 290 companies represented in our analysis.
Intersections: Q1 2016
Deal value increased by 26% in the T&L sector on a year-over-year basis (rising to $37.6 billion), despite a decline in both volume and value on a sequential basis in Q1 2016.

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Aviation Perspectives: Volume 4.2
In our 2016 edition of Aviation Perspectives, we continue analyzing cybersecurity in the airline industry. This second volume of our special cybersecurity mini-series addresses the topic of prevention. What are the challenges and considerations?
 Aviation Perspectives: Cybersecurity Aviation Perspectives: Volume 4.1
For this special edition of Aviation Perspectives, we kick-off a new, four-part mini-series that analyzes cybersecurity in the airline industry. Join us as we take a multi-faceted look at the issue as well as considerations for addressing it.
10 transformational bets for the freight and trucking industry
The trucking and freight industry is adopting transformation at a faster pace than before, fueled by a trifecta of influences, which include: business model disruption, changing customer expectations, and workforce challenges. In considering the best path forward, trucking and freight executives should consider the ten transformational areas described in this article.
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2016 Commercial Transportation Trends
Beneath the relative tranquility of the commercial freight transportation and logistics industry are roiling forces, which are rooted in the changing needs of its customers. Shippers’ supply chains are becoming ever more complex, and there are five key trends that are creating new demand patterns for the industry. As part of Strategy&'s Industry Perspectives online series, this article discusses the different types of disruptors that freight carriers face, as well as the strategies to defeat them.
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