Transportation & Logistics

Serving as the backbone of modern global supply chains, the transportation and logistics sector is a key driver of economic activity and wealth creation. Considering the complexity and pace of the technological, operational, environmental, and global issues facing the industries that make up the sector, its future prosperity depends on its capacity to evolve.

Access the following publications to gain insights regarding some of the issues and trends affecting the Transportation & Logistics sector:

 Aviation Perspectives: Cybersecurity Aviation Perspectives: Volume 4.1
For this special edition of Aviation Perspectives, we kick-off a new, four-part mini-series that analyzes cybersecurity in the airline industry. Join us as we take a multi-faceted look at the issue as well as considerations for addressing it.
Intersections: Q3 2015
Despite a decline in deal volume in 3Q15 compared to the previous quarter, average deal value has continued to increase in each of the last four quarters. Both, total deal value and average deal value for the year-to-date are up over 40% and 50% respectively, compared to the prior period.
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Assessing tax: 2014 tax rate benchmarking study for industrial products and automotive sectors Assessing tax: 2015
Tax rate benchmarking can be an enormously valuable tool for tax executives determined to generate greater value from their tax departments. Assessing tax 2015 includes an analysis of tax rate metrics for the Transportation & Logistics sector in addition to helping you to gain meaningful insight into key trends to support business growth.
Tailwinds 2015: Managing the challenges of rapid airline industry growth
Analyze key metrics in the global airline industry and forward-looking perspectives on emerging industry trends. Our latest report also considers how airlines are managing growth in the rapidly expanding aviation industry.
Fuel price volatility: How are airlines responding to the challenge?
In the wake of an extended period of financial challenges, airlines stand to gain significant benefits from unexpected periods of reduced fuel prices, which in the short term have resulted in increased profits. How are airlines responding? And what are the long-term implications?
2015 Global Airline CEO Survey: Getting clear of the clouds 2015 Global Airline CEO Survey: Getting clear of the clouds
PwC’s Global CEO Survey gives company leaders, governments and the world’s business community a unique insight into the vision and decisions of the global CEO.
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