New IFRS reports for the airline, metals, railroad, shipping and trucking industries

International Financial Reporting Standards have received a lot of attention over the past few years. Regardless of when the United States adopts these standards, their impact is already significant on US businesses, and the effects will only increase as more companies expand their global presence and convergence of US GAAP and IFRS gains momentum.

Given the projected timeline of complying within five years, awareness and preparedness are essential. If US businesses are to succeed in this transition, company executives should be thoughtful and measured in their approach as they consider the various challenges. PwC's experience shows the transition can be complex for companies of all sizes, both domestic and international, and throughout business operations. Embracing IFRS goes beyond finance and accounting functions, and involves human resources, investor relations, business development, tax, treasury, and information technology.

To provide insight into what companies should do now to prepare for the conversion, we are pleased to introduce four new reports that examine this topic for the airline, railroad, shipping and trucking industries:
Setting the course: Examining IFRS for the US airline industry
Staying on track: Examining IFRS for the US railroad industry
Setting sail with new solutions: Examining IFRS for the US shipping industry
Driving change: Examining IFRS for the US trucking industry