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Airlines: How mounting uncertainty could open an era of transformation

Airlines have long grappled with uncertainties. They can no longer afford to be at the whim of economic cycles. Current conditions of profitability open the window for the industry to aggressively innovate for the future.

2016 Risk in Review Study: Aerospace & Defense Industry Analysis

Highlights focus on two parallel competencies that companies need for sustained success: risk agility and risk resiliency. Overall, A&D companies in our survey show higher-than-average risk resiliency, but fall behind when it comes to demonstrating risk agility. This paper further explores the risk management capabilities of the sector.

Utilizing technology to expand tax capabilities

Access our PwC/Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) survey and access

Industry 4.0: Chemicals key findings

PwC’s look at what senior executives in the chemicals sector are saying about the transformative impact of Industry 4.0 on their companies and the wider sector.

Industry 4.0: Engineering and construction key findings

PwC’s look at what senior executives in engineering and construction companies are saying about the transformative impact of Industry 4.0 on their companies and the wider sector.

Industry 4.0: Forest, paper & packaging key findings

PwC’s look at what senior executives in the forestry, paper and packaging sector are saying about the transformative impact of Industry 4.0 on their companies and the wider sector.

2016 Commercial Aviation Industry Trends

Enjoying a halcyon period, U.S. carriers need to reward their stakeholders — but not how you may think.

Global Industrial Manufacturing M&A Deals Insights: Q2 2016

Industrial manufacturing M&A deal value and volume for the first half of 2016 decreased by 15% and 29% (respectively) compared to the first half of 2015. Excluding megadeals, deal value decreased by almost half for these same periods.

Global Metals M&A Deals Insights: Q2 2016

Deal volume in the global metals industry was down in Q2 2016, with only 17 deals announced in the quarter (the lowest since Q2 2014). Total deal value (at $2.8 billion) was also down 69% and 73% compared to Q2 2015 and Q1 2016, respectively.

Global Engineering and Construction M&A Deals Insights: Q2 2016

Global engineering and construction M&A deal volume remained unchanged when compared to Q1 2016 but declined marginally by 6%, compared to Q2 2015. Deal value also declined (by 42%) compared to the previous quarter.

Global Aerospace and Defense M&A Deals Insights: Q2 2016

While deal values remained relative consistent (with the exception of Q3 of 2015), deal volume in the Aerospace & Defense sector declined by 20% (as compared to the previous quarter) to one its lowest levels in recent history.

Global Chemicals M&A Deals Insights: Q2 2016

Global Chemicals M&A deal volume remained upbeat. With 38 deals in Q2 2016, deal volume continued to recover since the recent low in Q3 2015 (26 deals). The aggregated value of announced deals now exceeded $60 billion three quarters in a row.

PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey - Forest, paper & packaging

Find out what concerns business leaders across the forest paper and packaging industry, including high government debt, the talent gap and climate change.

2016 Aerospace manufacturing attractiveness rankings

This analysis looks at how countries and states in the US compare in terms of their attractiveness as locations for commercial aircraft manufacturing.

Aviation perspectives: Cybersecurity and the airline industry (volume 2)

In our 2016 edition of Aviation Perspectives, we continue analysing cybersecurity in the airline industry. This second volume of our special cybersecurity mini-series addresses the topic of prevention. What are the challenges and considerations?

Surging airline profits: Now what?

Low fuel prices continue to boost the profits of the global airlines industry. Our recent look at airlines industry trends shows net and operating margins at record highs.

Tailwinds 2016 - Airline industry trends

Our latest report analyses key metrics and trends in the global airline industry. It also delves into how airlines are using profits to improve their businesses and suggests other avenues of investment for building a sustainable future.

Assessing tax: 2016

It is more important than ever to monitor trends and understand how a company’s effective tax rates compare to those of its peers.

Aviation perspectives: Cybersecurity and the airline industry (volume 1)

Cybersecurity has become an elevated risk that is among the most pressing issues affecting businesses. Today’s cyber adversaries are more persistent, skilled, and technologically savvy than just a year ago, and leaders across all industries are taking notice. According to PwC’s 2015 Global Airline CEO Survey, 85% of airline CEOs in the study view cybersecurity as a significant risk, likely reflecting the highly sensitive nature of flight systems and passenger data.

Transportation and Logistics M&A Deals Insights: Q2 2016

PwC's quarterly analysis of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the global transportation and logistics sector. It provides an overview of the most recent M&A results and our expectations for future deal activity.

Is your organizational culture helping or hindering your success?

The challenging A&D environment continues. In fact, there’s mounting pressure for companies to be more agile and flexible, assume a larger share of contract risk, increase innovation, and drive down cost.

How secure is your airline from cyberattacks?

While increased entertainment choices and in-flight connectivity for mobile devices are welcome changes for consumers, they create greater opportunities for, you guessed it, hackers. This article features our new cyber series, which examines the key areas and steps that airline executives can take to prepare for the evolving risks.

Annual Forest, Paper & Packaging Industry Survey - 2015 edition

The PwC Global Forest, Paper & Packaging Industry Survey provides insight into the industry's major companies and an overview of the issues and events shaping the industry.

Embracing new technologies: A risk worth the reward

With Industry 4.0 upon us, old habits are dying hard for some in the manufacturing space despite the already apparent impact of technologies like IoT, robotics, and 3D printing.

For US manufacturing, virtual reality is for real

Virtual and augmented reality technologies come of age, and manufacturers are uncovering innovative ways to adopt these technologies in ways that are furthering the push for a “digitally connected” factory floor.