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Clarity from above: Applications of drone technology in transport infrastructure

Drone technologies can be used at almost every stage in the transport infrastructure sector, starting from construction and investment monitoring, through maintenance, up to asset inventory.

Aviation Perspectives: Volume 4.3 - Cybersecurity detection

Our latest edition continues to analyze cybersecurity in the airline industry. In this third volume of our four-part series, we focus on detection. What defenses are in place to minimize damage to an organization when an attack occurs?

Connecting with the customer: How airlines must adapt their distribution business model

Explore the global trends that are reshaping travel distribution business models and threaten to weaken the connection between airlines and their customers. Shifting customer behavior, changing dynamics within sales channels, and the rise of digital technologies are in focus.

SEC comment letter trends for the industrial products industry

SEC comment letter trends for Industrial Products companies is an analysis of SEC staff comments to help executives understand key trends that are relevant to companies in the Industrial Products sector.

Transporting Growth: Delivering a chemical manufacturing renaissance

In this study we analyze the link between the anticipated growth of US chemical manufacturing, the logistics of transporting products to market, and the current and future transportation challenges the industry faces.

2016 Global Innovation 1000 Study

Investigating trends at the world’s 1000 largest corporate R&D spenders.

Global Transportation and Logistics M&A Deals Insights: Q3 2016

Global transportation and logistics M&A activity remained stable in 2016 with 50+ deals in each quarter, though Q3 2016 was slightly less active. With 50 deals, the quarter saw a decline of 11% in deal volume compared to both Q2 2016 and Q3 2015.

Global industrial manufacturing M&A deals insights: Q3 2016

Global Industrial Manufacturing M&A deal value for the first nine months of 2016 decreased 10% compared to the first nine months of 2015. This was driven by a 22% decrease in volume period over period.

Global metals M&A deals insights: Q3 2016 update

While global M&A activity in the Metals industry continues to fall, the average deal size appears to be increasing. Although the industry has not seen any major transformations this year, an increase in average deal size indicates a trend away from the mainstream and into more diversified metal manufacturing.

Global engineering and construction M&A deals insights: Q3 2016

Global engineering and construction (E&C) M&A deal values continue to reflect softness in 2016 versus prior years, but masking healthy deal volume.

Global aerospace and defense M&A deals insights: Q3 2016

Global aerospace and defense deal activity recovered slightly from the second quarter of 2016, with deal volumes ticking up and aggregate deal value holding steady.

Global chemicals M&A deals insights: Q3 2016

Global chemicals M&A deal volume experienced a 47% pullback this quarter, driven by sustained uncertainty in political, regulatory, and economic environments.

Airlines: How mounting uncertainty could open an era of transformation

Airlines have long grappled with uncertainties. They can no longer afford to be at the whim of economic cycles. Current conditions of profitability open the window for the industry to aggressively innovate for the future.

2016 Risk in Review Study: Aerospace & Defense Industry Analysis

Highlights focus on two parallel competencies that companies need for sustained success: risk agility and risk resiliency. Overall, A&D companies in our survey show higher-than-average risk resiliency, but fall behind when it comes to demonstrating risk agility. This paper further explores the risk management capabilities of the sector.

Utilizing technology to expand tax capabilities

Technology continues to be an innovation springboard for companies in the manufacturing industry, but shouldn’t it enable greater capabilities and efficiencies for their tax functions as well?

Industry 4.0: Chemicals key findings

PwC’s look at what senior executives in the chemicals sector are saying about the transformative impact of Industry 4.0 on their companies and the wider sector.

Industry 4.0: Engineering and construction key findings

PwC’s look at what senior executives in engineering and construction companies are saying about the transformative impact of Industry 4.0 on their companies and the wider sector.

Industry 4.0: Forest, paper & packaging key findings

PwC’s look at what senior executives in the forestry, paper and packaging sector are saying about the transformative impact of Industry 4.0 on their companies and the wider sector.

2016 Commercial Aviation Industry Trends

Enjoying a halcyon period, U.S. carriers need to reward their stakeholders — but not how you may think.

PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey - Forest, paper & packaging

Find out what concerns business leaders across the forest paper and packaging industry, including high government debt, the talent gap and climate change.

2016 Aerospace manufacturing attractiveness rankings

This analysis looks at how countries and states in the US compare in terms of their attractiveness as locations for commercial aircraft manufacturing.

Aviation perspectives: Cybersecurity and the airline industry (volume 2)

In our 2016 edition of Aviation Perspectives, we continue analysing cybersecurity in the airline industry. This second volume of our special cybersecurity mini-series addresses the topic of prevention. What are the challenges and considerations?

Surging airline profits: Now what?

Low fuel prices continue to boost the profits of the global airlines industry. Our recent look at airlines industry trends shows net and operating margins at record highs.

Tailwinds 2016 - Airline industry trends

Our latest report analyses key metrics and trends in the global airline industry. It also delves into how airlines are using profits to improve their businesses and suggests other avenues of investment for building a sustainable future.

Assessing tax: 2016

It is more important than ever to monitor trends and understand how a company’s effective tax rates compare to those of its peers.