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A changing tax landscape

The role of Tax is undergoing unprecedented change. As multinational companies consider global megatrends and organizational goals for driving profitable growth, a myriad of factors are shaping the next iteration of tax strategy.

Today's tax executive is experiencing considerable pressure from internal and external stakeholders to enhance operational efficiencies and the effectiveness of their departments – whether through innovative processes or technologies. Further, with many countries vying for investment capital as well as tax revenue, tax executives are carefully monitoring evolving tax policy and legislation as well as regulatory and political issues to maximize incentives and related opportunities.

As you navigate the changing landscape and issues, we're committed to serving as an ongoing resource that you can rely on. Review our videos and publications below for related insights.

Tax and technology: Top findings from PwC's 2016 US CEO Survey

Next Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

Talking tax reform

PwC’s David Camp, former Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and current Senior Policy Adviser, discusses how, in a world dominated by technology and the 24 hour news cycle, comprehensive tax reform must be transparent and involve the public from day one. 

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Election 2016 and beyond: PwC's tax policy outlook

PwC Tax leaders Pam Olson and Rohit Kumar give their perspectives on what’s really going on in this election and how both sides could potentially impact tax policy and the prospects for meaningful tax reform.

Corporate tax reform: Yes, no, maybe?

PwC's Michael Burak, US & global Industrial products tax leader and Don Longano, Prinicipal, Legislative & Regulatory Sservices discuss the potential for corporate Tax reform in the US.

Made in the USA again: The potential for a US manufacturing resurgence

Learn more at - PwC US Industrial Products Leader Bob McCutcheon discusses the potential economic and business impact of a manufacturing renewal in the United States.

Tax Function of the Future: Unlocking data possibilities

PwC's Andy Ruggles, Rob Baldwin and Dan DiFillippo explains how actionable, data-driven insights can lead to extraordinary results for your organization.

Made in the USA again: Factors affecting a resurgence

PwC US Industrial Products leader Bob McCutcheon discusses seven key factors that will affect a resurgence in US manufacturing, from shale gas, to talent, to demand and more.

Shale gas: Reshaping the US Chemicals industry

Learn more at - PwC US Chemicals industry leader, A.J. Scamuffa, and Chemicals Advisory Director, Garrett Gee, discuss the implications of shale gas extraction on the chemicals industry value chain.

FATCA for industrial manufacturers

PwC's Michael Burak, US & Global Industrial Products Tax Leader and Stuart Finkel, Global Leader, Global Information Reporting Practice, discuss the implications of FATCA for industrial manufacturers.

Shale gas: A renaissance in US manufacturing?

Learn more at - PwC US Industrial Products Leader Bob McCutcheon highlights the growth potential for US-based manufacturing from shale gas extraction.


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