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Tax strategy 2.0: Reshaping tax
as a driver of business growth

Complex issues, accelerated change

As multinational companies consider global megatrends and long-term organizational goals, a myriad of factors are influencing their decisions for shaping tax strategy. The role of today's tax executive has become essential in driving profitable growth, such as through international expansion and increased operational efficiencies. Meanwhile, there is considerable pressure to increase the effectiveness of their departments through innovative processes and the use of technologies. Further, with many countries vying for investment capital as well as tax revenue, tax executives are carefully monitoring evolving tax policy and legislation as well as regulatory and political issues to maximize incentives and related opportunities.

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Assessing tax: 2015
Tax rate benchmarking can be an enormously valuable tool for tax executives determined to generate greater value from their tax departments. Assessing tax 2015 not only provides peer group comparisons for improvement in planning and shaping the tax function, it helps you to gain meaningful insight into sector trends to support business growth.
PwC 2015 Tax Policy Outlook: Opportunities and challenges ahead
The key question for US tax policymakers is whether 2015 will be marked by compromise or gridlock. President Obama and Republican Congressional leaders have identified tax reform as a priority issue on which agreement could be possible. At the same time, differences between the two political parties over many issues will pose challenges for the enactment of significant legislation.
Paying Taxes 2015: The US at a glance
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants to make it easier for US taxpayers to pay their proper federal tax liability and achieve great tax compliance. But is it happening?
2014 Assessing Tax
Assessing Tax 2014 provides a detailed analysis of tax rate metrics for 324 companies and highlights tax trends for the industrial product industry.
Tax technology: Creating a strategic asset
PwC and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) surveyed more than 100 companies to uncover leading practices and challenges in applying technology to the tax function.
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