Aircraft manufacturing attractiveness index

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The commercial aircraft manufacturing attractiveness index ranks US states using a weighted average of costs, workforce, and the current number of aerospace companies. An overall composite ranking is then applied to each state. A lower overall number indicates a most attractive ranking in all categories.

Overall State Rank

More on the indices‘ methodology

PwC created commercial aircraft manufacturing attractiveness ranking indices for US states and for selected countries using a weighted average of variables: costs (taxes, business climate, energy), workforce (including available aerospace technicians, engineers, mechanics, education attainment) and number of aerospace companies. Cost variables for both rankings focused on third-party evaluations of taxes, business climate, and cost of electricity. The country workforce ranking incorporates education as it pertains to secondary and tertiary enrollment, graduate enrollments in engineering programs, and labor productivity; while the state workforce ranking incorporates data on available aerospace technicians, engineers, mechanics, and education attainment. For both the country and state rankings, the size of the existing industry examines the number of aerospace and related companies. Population was also included in the size of industry ranking by country.