3D printing: Talent needed to drive the technology

Acquiring an industrial 3D printer is only a part of a 3DP strategy. Finding the right talent to use the technology in ways that fit a company’s strategy could be the bigger part.

Manufacturers are on track to re-train its existing workforce or are drawing in new talent with the skills to create digital designs as well as oversee the printing production. Clearly, as there is no one 3DP production strategy, there’s also no one 3DP talent strategy.

  • Nearly half of respondents in a PwC survey cited lack of expertise and acquiring the right talent as barriers to exploiting the technology.
  • As manufacturers gear up to acquire the technical—and creative—skills required to wholly exploit the potential of 3DP, they may well need to seek out talent from entirely new pools of candidates from disciplines traditionally not linked to manufacturing careers.





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