Customs & international trade

Trading in a global economy.


As global competition increases, today’s companies expect greater efficiency and accuracy from their suppliers. At the same time, however, local governments have expanded and fine-tuned their trade legislation, requiring companies to also increase scrutiny of their own import, export and indirect tax (customs and VAT) strategies to ensure that they comply with complex local laws. Non-compliance with such laws could lead to unnecessary indirect tax costs, slowing of supply chains, increasing order completion time and other import and/or export risks.

Companies are addressing the complexities related with international trade, customs, and indirect taxes by developing cost-effective strategies, efficient and effective compliance programs, and business processes to help keep their supply chain running smoothly and decrease customs costs as well as risks.

Uncovering savings opportunities

PwC’s Customs & International Trade team regularly works with other PwC professionals in International Tax, Transfer Pricing, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Assurance to deliver fully integrated solutions.

 We can work with you to:

  • Develop compliance programs and processes (Customs compliance)
  • Discover possible savings opportunities (Savings opportunities)
  • Explore ways to effectively operate globally (Global services)
  • Develop strategic approach and support for government action, e.g. audits, voluntary disclosures, rulings (Audit defense and risk remediation)

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