2013 US State of Cybercrime Survey

Cyberattacks are now a routine part of doing business in today’s uncertain world. This year’s cybercrime survey highlights what many in government and the cybersecurity industry have known for years: The cybercrime threat environment has become increasingly pervasive and hostile. And actions to stem the tide of attacks have had limited effect to date. 

Many organizational leaders don’t know what they’re up against, lack a clear, real-time understanding of the nature of today’s cyberthreats and those who pose these risks, and have made little headway in developing strategies to defend themselves against both internal and external cyber-adversaries.

This year’s survey results tell us that we collectively have a long way to go in coming to terms with the extent of the threat, its short- and long-term implications, and what actions should be taken to curtail the multi-faceted impact.

 PwC has partnered with CSO Magazine, the US Secret Service, and Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (“CMU SEI”) to survey and evaluate the current state of cybercrime in the US. We have also leveraged our experience in identifying security and cyber trends by drawing on results from PwC’s annual Global CEO, Digital IQ and annual Global State of Information Security surveys.