Optimizing ERP projects with GRC’s advanced financial controls

Leveraging the advanced financial controls in Oracle’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance controls suite during upgrade or implementation projects lets you automate and optimize processes while embedding compliance objectives into the design of your system

Technology has become an increasingly critical factor for driving value in an enterprise. As organizations go through upgrades and implementations, they are choosing to leverage those projects to transform their businesses. By automating and streamlining processes, organizations gain opportunities to improve operations and achieve efficiencies. Transformation efforts also introduce significant change from a technology perspective, particularly during the upgrade or implementation project itself. This is where Oracle’s advanced financial controls (part of the GRC technology suite) come in. While many organizations have viewed them as only a Sarbanes Oxley-driven internal audit or compliance tool, advanced financial controls can offer much more—especially during a technology change. This paper discusses how organizations have been able to leverage Oracle’s advanced financial controls during their Oracle upgrade or implementation project to optimize processes, accelerate various implementation activities, and embed compliance objectives into the system design, as well as to provide additional long-term value after the upgrade or implementation project is completed.