Cybersecurity and Corporate America

The Obama Administration is taking steps to address/focus on cyber attacks on critical US infrastructure — the cyber identity theft, economic espionage, and sabotage activities that President Obama has called "real threats to our security and our economy." These measures represent the Administration’s next steps in attempting to organize an in-depth defense of key assets, and the Federal Government is inviting the private sector to help shape and support this effort. Businesses with a proactive approach to cybersecurity may find opportunities in recent measures the Administration has announced.

Our brief outlines how companies seize an opportunity to shape their future cybersecurity environment in three critical areas; expanding public-private information sharing, identifying and prioritizing US critical infrastructure, and building a cybersecurity framework.

PwC’s Dave Burg discusses the Executive Order during RSA 2013

BankInfoSecurity® discussed the President’s Cybersecurity Executive Order with Dave Burg. He noted that the private sector has a unique opportunity to respond to President Obama's cybersecurity executive order and help shape information sharing and critical infrastructure protection.

In this interview Burg discusses:

  • How public- and private-sector organizations can partner effectively;
  • What 'information sharing' will mean;
  • How private sector organizations can help shape critical infrastructure protection

Listen to the discussion at