Build your next competitive advantage with industry specific business applications

Economic, regulatory and technological disruptions are causing leaders across many industries to step back and look at multiple aspects of their businesses. The financial services industry continues to address regulatory reform, financial reporting requirements, implementation of cost effective technologies, talent acquisition and increasing demands from stakeholders. And as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act reaches its peak in 2014, innovative healthcare companies are empowering their customers with new solutions.

These kinds of opportunities are causing organizations to rethink the way they do business as they adjust to empowered consumers, rapid innovation, and most notably, increasing competition from non-traditional players. And although most organizations know what needs to be done to build their next competitive advantage, the challenge lies in knowing how to effectively leverage technology to help transform their businesses, making sure they are fit today and relevant tomorrow.


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The cloud environment has the potential to propel IT agility to new heights and fulfill the role of technology as a strategic enabler.

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71% of financial services respondents say they will invest more in cloud this year—up from 18% in the previous year.

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As companies strive to bolster competitive advantage in a complex global environment, savvy business leaders are leveraging technology to accomplish their goals.

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We combine deep business domain, industry and technology experience, with regulatory, tax and risk capabilities, and a global network of resources, to assist our clients with broad – and oftentimes complex – multi-year initiatives. Our Industry Specific Business Applications help your organization transform its core operations by taking advantage of the latest solutions specifically designed for your industry.

PwC helps its industry clients with:

Planning, architecture and system selection

Scoping your business needs over a multi-year span and determining how and which industry specific business applications can drive your goals. This includes IT planning, solution architecture, and vendor evaluation and system selection.

Application configuration and system integration

Evaluating your technology environment and helping devise a plan for configuring, integrating and improving your business applications and systems across your enterprise. This includes implementation planning, application design, development, testing and configuration, deployment, and post-implementation impact analysis.

Data management and conversion

Harnessing the capabilities your systems and applications provide, enabling you to improve the collection, conversion, management and analysis of data for better decision making. This includes data transformation and migration, and data integration and conversion.

Solution accelerators, methods and tools

Taking advantage of solution accelerators that help you get the most out of your technology investments. This includes business requirements development, business process analysis and improvement, operations effectiveness and improvement, and training planning and delivery.

Program and change management

Executing successful programs and transforming your organization and your people to keep pace with change – and making sure that change ‘sticks’. This includes change readiness and adoption, organizational design, business cases and ROI for quality and cost improvement, and independent verification and validation (IV&V).


From strategy through execution, we leverage leading enterprise software applications, practices, frameworks and tools to help you select, design, develop, test and implement industry-specific solutions that will improve and transform your business. For organizations within:

  • Financial Services, we provide industry-leading insurance and banking solutions and transformational services for core systems for Property & Causality Insurance (including policy administration, billing and claims), as well as core banking, payment, and analytic technologies.

  • Health Industries, we provide industry-leading healthcare solutions and transformational services for mobile technologies, patient access workflow, customer relationship management, revenue cycle management, billing, and electronic medical records.

This is just a sampling of our Industry Specific Business Application offerings that can help your organization build its next competitive advantage.