How to be a data-driven CFO
Today’s technology, cloud, and IoT-driven world is continually generating a wealth of data, creating both opportunity and challenge for those tasked with deciphering and analyzing it. CFOs in particular are now facing increased pressure to connect the dots between multiple data streams to identify patterns that will optimize a company’s growth and align its costs with its strategy.

Organize your future with robotics process automation
The impact of Robotic Process Automation on a company’s operations and competitive positioning is significant on a number of fronts: economic value, workforce advantages, quality and control improvements, and flexible execution.


Reimagine Forecasting: High stakes decision making for CFOs
We are always forecasting - thinking about what will happen, assessing its likelihood, and contemplating the implications. But for CFOs, the stakes are much higher. The cost of being off the mark can be huge, not just in perception but also in dollars. A company’s cost of capital can be impacted by their assumptions and forecasts, and failure to accurately forecast demand fluctuations can result in too much, or not enough, inventory.

Unlocking the power of data for the CFO
Under pressure to be more strategic, efficient, and collaborative, the role of the CFO is changing. This shift is bringing data analytics to the forefront. Even CFOs who do not yet rely on data analysis in all aspects of their decision making are increasingly aware of its potential; nearly 70% of CFOs say that digital developments are changing their profession and the way their companies do business.

Leading from the front: Redesigning finance for the digital age
The business landscape is being transformed by a series of megatrends, of which digital technology is already proving to be the most pervasive and potentially disruptive. Finance teams will have to rethink their role and relevance within this new landscape, both in how they serve the business and in how they design their own operations. In this paper we outline a framework for analyzing and understanding the changing role of finance in the digital economy.

Breaking away: How leading finance functions are redefining excellence
Breaking Away is our sixth finance effectiveness benchmark study exploring what sets top performing finance functions apart. Leading finance teams are delivering the business insight and direction needed in times of change. As well as being more effective, they are running at 40% the cost of competitors. What makes them stand out?

Getting it right with growth: How to be a great CFO in the new growth economy
The role of CFO has evolved to that of a strategic partner to the broader executive team, providing real insight to the company’s growth plans. Whether companies choose to grow through M&A, emerging markets, digital or innovation, the CFO can play a unique and critical role—providing insight, managing risk, and ensuring that companies fully realize the potential value of a given strategy.


Finance matters: Finance function of the future
In this paper we explore the potential future direction of finance - not through predictions or setting out what we believe the vision to be but by revisiting some of the key principles upon which finance and accounting were founded and looking at how these principles may shape the future of finance.

Operational Controllership: The quiet revolution
The Finance function is becoming more dynamic , where the operational controller is taking on more strategic roles to drive global process excellence, simplification and standardization efforts, and becoming more of a business partner with commercial teams to enable growth while still managing risk.

On the Horizon: Insights into the Cloud for finance and accounting professionals
In today’s changing world, CFOs need to understand the financial risks and rewards of the Cloud. By educating themselves on service models, cost structures, and governance issues, they can engage in meaningful discussions with the CIO and other C-suite executives about how Cloud computing can advance the business.

Unlocking Potential: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2013
Top performing finance organizations are different from the rest. PwC benchmark data confirm that the leading finance teams are achieving results that are very different from the norm. In our 5th annual report, we focus on organizations that are achieving significant change and improvement vs. their peers.

Innovation Champions: How CFOs can keep companies vital
Growth-minded CFOs make innovation a priority everywhere in the company. They align their organizations with new innovation models and forge partnerships with strategic business units where innovations typically begin. PwC and faculty at Wharton offer insights on how CFOs are uniquely positioned to foster and drive innovation

Finance transformation: A Lean approach to increase value
Lean is an alternative approach that changes the way work is performed. Learn how Lean can help transform your back office to achieve and sustain process excellence.

The high-performance CFO
What does it take for CFOs to excel today? With the global economy struggling to regain its footing, finance chiefs face very different challenges from the ones they confronted just a few years ago. PwC and faculty at Wharton team up to look at what it means to be a high performing CFO today.

People Performance: How CFOs can build the bench strength they need today . . . and tomorrow
Top CFOs know they are only as strong as their teams. From treasury to financial planning and analysis, their finance managers have a shared vision of being valued contributors in strategic discussions – adding insight and analysis at critical junctures of decision-making. How can CFOs attract, retain, and motivate finance talent to be much more than number-crunchers?

PwC and faculty at Wharton share insight on how top finance organizations can rise to the challenge.

Re-energizing Finance: The Organization Challenge
In this series of white papers, PwC and faculty at Wharton focus on how CFOs can build top performing finance teams. Topics include attracting and motivating the right talent; leveraging all parts of the finance organization; and what it means to be a high-performance CFO today.

inancial planning: Realizing the value of budgeting and forecasting Financial planning: Realizing the value of budgeting and forecasting
The need for increased value and accuracy from financial planning led us to commission this thorough research study that not only focuses on the current challenges but also on the practices organizations are deploying to improve financial budgeting and forecasting activities.

Achieving more timely, accurate and transparent reporting
This paper takes a look at characteristics of successful close-to-report cycles across industries and suggest some viable solutions built around improving processes, more effectively leveraging resources and, where appropriate, optimizing the use of enabling technologies.

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