Finance shared services and outsourcing

We can help you create an environment of operational excellence by consolidating the redundant processes of a decentralized finance function to reduce costs, enhance productivity, increase quality and improve consistency and reliability.

More than ever before, today’s business environment demands Finance maintains/develops a competitive advantage through improved service levels (including speed and 7/24 support), lower costs and innovation. We can help you:

  • Define a sourcing model that will meet both business and finance objectives
  • Build and document the business case that defines the value/rewards and potential risks in identified outsourcing and/or shared services models
  • Create leading business processes
  • Deliver the planned business case results through effective change, talent and transition management
  • Operate an environment that incentivizes and embeds the value of the partnership (internally or with a third party)
  • Sustain success through proper governance and continuous improvement
  • Maximize the return on technology investments by expanding the footprint of leading applications
  • Achieve improved efficiencies and economies of scale while providing a high level of service and spending more time on higher value-added tasks

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