Breaking away

How leading finance functions are redefining excellence

What sets top performers apart? Are you keeping up?

Breaking Away is our sixth finance effectiveness benchmark study exploring what sets top performing finance functions apart. Leading finance teams are delivering the business insight and direction needed in times of change. As well as being more effective, they are running at 40% the cost of competitors. What makes them stand out?


Setting the standard for excellence

Top tier finance teams operate at lower cost, but make more effective use of their resources. And the differential is growing. How is this being achieved?

Cross-functional transformation

Finance transformation is often part of larger multi-function transformation initiatives. This section explores multi-function transformation, the role of the CFO in driving the administrative agenda, and the impact of IT, HR, procurement and other transformations on the finance function.

A step up in business partnering

Improved business partnering is often cited as a real key driver of improved business performance. Yet questions frequently remain about the processes, tasks, skills, and organizational components of successful business partnering. This section explores leading practices and client experiences with business partnering, the benefits of finance insight and advice for the organization, and how companies measure and benchmark the contribution of finance teams.

Reaping the real potential of Lean finance

Like their counterparts in manufacturing, many finance functions embraced Lean practices long ago, as a general methodology for identifying and eliminating waste, and focusing on activities that provide the most value. Some companies have seen success, but many aren’t realizing the expected benefits. This section explores the new wave of companies applying Lean with startling success.

Leading edge people management

Changing mindsets and behaviors in the team is key to uplifting productivity—delivering gains of 15-25%, improving quality and strengthening relationships with the business. This resolves key problems at the root cause and enables simpler solutions to drive change.

Technology that delivers business benefit and reduced costs

Many companies have made large finance technology investments. But some report they are not receiving the benefits they anticipated. This section explores the relationships between data governance, data quality, and the return on investment in technology.

Turning management information into real competitive intelligence

Finance functions are finding new and innovative ways to analyze, visualize and manipulate data to fulfill the familiar demand for forward-looking insight. This section explores better practices, with examples of companies combining financial and non-financial data with external data sources to make a real difference for their businesses.

Navigating through a new business landscape

This section explores how rapid changes in the marketplace are reshaping business, and how leading finance functions are adapting. We explore the threat to finance as we know it today, and show examples of finance leaders responding to these changes now.

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