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To assist US tax executives with their IFRS planning, PwC has developed the following IFRS tax publications.

Featured publications

IFRS for small and medium-sized entities IFRS for SMEs: A less taxing standard?
This article highlights key provisions of the income tax accounting guidance contained in the IFRS standard for small and medium-sized entities. The article provides comparison to existing IFRS, the IASB's proposed exposure draft on income taxes and US GAAP, as well as our observations of the potential impact of these provisions within IFRS for SMEs.
The uncertain future of LIFO The uncertain future of LIFO
This article examines a potential exception to the LIFO conformity requirement that could allow the use of LIFO for qualifying companies even after their conversion to IFRS, and discusses planning opportunities that may be available to US taxpayers to help them alleviate the tax burden caused by a future LIFO termination.

Income tax accounting

IFRS for SMEs: A less taxing standard?
IASB's proposed income tax standard: The responses are in...
Income tax accounting under IFRS: Article series addressing the key provisions of the IASB's exposure draft on income taxes.

Accounting methods

The uncertain future of LIFO
IFRS, US GAAP, and US tax accounting methods
Implications of IFRS conversion on US tax accounting methods

International tax

Tax implications of an IFRS conversion on debt arrangements
Currency gains and losses and IFRS: Tax implications of IFRS on foreign currency gains and losses resulting from long-term intercompany loans

US tax considerations

Implications of IFRS on M&A activity from a US tax perspective
Implications of an IFRS conversion on the US research & development tax credit
Implications of an IFRS conversion on property, plant and equipment from a US tax perspective

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing and IFRS: Implications of IFRS on cost sharing arrangements

General tax publications

A tax perspective on implementation, IFRS-tax action plan
Converting to IFRS: Planning considerations for US tax executives
IFRS: The right move toward convergence: What IFRS will mean to US tax executives
Tax departments bracing for IFRS: Survey

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