Planning for IFRS: Is your tax function ready?

Planning for IFRS: Is your tax function ready?

Converting to IFRS is more than just a financial accounting exercise — it will have broad impacts across a company's global tax function. Tax departments of US MNCs may be experiencing many of these impacts today — whether the result of IFRS conversion activities going on currently in various countries throughout the world or as a result of US GAAP-IFRS convergence activities. In order to proactively plan for these impacts, tax executives should begin analyzing and understanding the impact that IFRS will have on their organization's global tax function.
Ken KuykendallKen Kuykendall in consideration for Tax Notes' "2009 Tax Person of the Year"

Ken Kuykendall, PwC's US IFRS tax leader and US Tax Accounting Services leader, was considered for Tax Notes Magazine's "2009 Tax Person of the Year." Ken was recognized for his work with the IRS, Congress and US companies to provide education on the tax issues that could arise if US regulators proceed with proposed rulemaking that would require US companies to use IFRS. In addition to his frequent participation at industry events, he has contributed to numerous articles on IFRS and tax accounting issues.
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What IFRS tax challenges does your company face?

Accounting changes made in connection with a company's conversion/convergence to IFRS, in the US as well as throughout the rest of the world, will have a broad impact on an organization's global tax function.


Where is your tax function?

Tax function graph Review an illustrative action plan that your company’s tax function can use to assess the actions necessary to implement IFRS within the company’s specific timeline.