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70% of US CEOs are very concerned with the availability of key skills and 62% plan to increase headcount in 2014

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Your issue: Improving the use of Human Capital Data to maximize workforce retention, engagement and productivity.

Organizations are increasingly looking to harness the power of workforce data — metrics, surveys, and predictive analytics — and asking the questions:
  • Do we have the necessary workforce to achieve our goals successfully?
  • Are we hiring quality talent and can we predict the best sources of hire?
  • Are we developing our existing pipeline for future talent needs and engaging that talent?
  • Is employee engagement driving financial and operational outcomes?
  • Are we losing top performers? How do we better anticipate or predict turnover? What changes can we make to retain and engage top performers?
The Workforce Intelligence Maturity Curve
The workforce intelligence
maturity curve

The way forward

PwC Saratoga delivers workforce surveys, metrics, and analytics to help leaders make better workforce decisions to drive business performance.

PwC Saratoga supports organizations to maximize workforce engagement, productivity, leadership, and retention.

We provide services to harness the power of workforce data — metrics, surveys, forecasting, and predictive analytics to improve your organization’s return on workforce investment. We help build and align your workforce analytic programs.

Service areas include:
  • Global and regional benchmarking
  • Industry benchmarking consortia
  • HR analytics/workforce intelligence
  • Predictive analytics
  • On-boarding surveys
  • Engagement surveys
  • Exit surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • Metrics training

Value to your company

PwC Saratoga can help your company meet its HR measurement and benchmarking strategies to improve productivity, discretionary efforts and return on investment in human capital. Proper measurement and assessment can also provide clarity on operational/HR cost drivers to more effectively manage your organization’s assets, which is consistent with today’s business priorities.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to help you measure, manage, and maximize the value of your workforce.