Workforce surveys

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We are a full-service workforce survey provider – we conduct workforce surveys, including employee engagement, exit, and on-boarding surveys and have a unique capability in linking survey results to business outcomes.

Our survey model provides a statistical approach for measuring levels and drivers of employee engagement and establishing linkages to organizational performance measures. Survey results become a workforce intelligence platform with multi-dimensional data describing your workforce, customer, financials, and operations data.

Your benefit

  • Increase employee engagement and improve the return on your workforce investments by identifying primary drivers of employee performance.
  • Make the appropriate workforce investments in training, career development, and rewards.
  • A comprehensive survey process that involves tailored questionnaires, communication plan, benchmarking with our leading normative database, business linkages, customized online reporting, and action planning tools.

Workforce Surveys:

Employee engagement

Our service

PwC Saratoga is a full-service employee engagement survey provider - we conduct several hundred employee engagement surveys every year and have a unique capability in linking survey results to business outcomes by leveraging our world-class and industry leading benchmarking database.

  • What aspects of the organization drive overall engagement?
  • Who are your company’s pivotal employees?
  • What drives your employees to give top effort?
  • Who are the disengaged employees that pose flight risk?
  • How engagement links to operational and financial improvement
  • How your organization can segment its workforce to target change efforts

Beyond simply measuring employee satisfaction, engagement intelligence provides a statistical approach for measuring levels and drivers of employee engagement and establishing linkages to organizational performance measures. Survey results become a business intelligence platform with multi-dimensional data describing your workforce, customer, financials and business data.

Your benefit

Engagement intelligence provides your company with valuable insight into your most critical employees and factors to:

  • Increase employee engagement and improve the return on your human capital investments by identifying primary indicators of employee performance
  • Make the right workforce investments, whether in training, career development and rewards

PwC Saratoga provides a tailored survey process that involves:

  • Tailoring the questionnaire to your organization's needs
  • Comprehensive benchmarking of survey results
  • Leveraging customized online reporting and analysis with multi-level reporting

Exit surveys

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Employee turnover is costly: In addition to the obvious loss of knowledge and productivity, your company can lose momentum while a search is conducted to replace lost talent and experience. Valuable customer relationships can be damaged and business lost while your competition accelerates its growth. There is much more to attrition than simply the rate or cost of employee departure.

PwC Saratoga’s exit studies provide structured, reliable data that can be segmented to identify issues driving employees to leave. PwC Saratoga’s re-hire map identifies employees interested in returning, producing a potential return on survey investment.

Our exit survey service complements other PwC Saratoga survey programs — such as on-boarding and engagement intelligence — in tracking the overall quality of hiring and retention at your organization. A web-based reporting interface allows you to create detailed, visual reports and to easily share results with other stakeholders.

Your benefit

In addition to understanding why employees leave, our exit survey service offers:

  • Identification of strengths and vulnerabilities by business service, job role and facility
  • An evidence-based approach to recognizing, understanding and taking action on factors that drive employees across multiple demographic groups to disengage and leave your organization
  • Identification of potential re-hires

Financial fitness

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Are your employees financially fit? PwC Saratoga can help your employees answer this question. Our online assessment asks employees questions about their financial lifestyle. After completing the assessment, the employee receives a report measuring financial fitness and providing solutions to address any issues raised in the report. As organizations focus on health & wellness, PwC Saratoga believes that financial wellness, as an integral aspect of Wellness, is highly correlated to worker productivity.

A financial counselor will reach out to each employee who completes the assessment to discuss the results. The employee may choose to work with the counselor after this initial discussion on a fee-for-service basis.

Your benefit

Financially fit employees are more focused and less stressed at work. Providing a tool to help employees address their financial sources of stress can lead to higher productivity in the workforce.

HR voice of the customer

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PwC Saratoga’s HR voice of the customer surveys help your organization inform HR strategies and priorities. With your organization's business objectives clearly in mind, we work with you to customize a questionnaire based on PwC Saratoga’s library of valid questions, select demographics that reflect your organization structure and customize groups for analysis. In addition, we work with you to select metrics to analyze in conjunction with customer responses.

Based on survey data, PwC Saratoga will identify drivers of effectiveness and customer satisfaction. How effectively is your organization using talent management, compensation, benefits and recruitment to achieve your goals? We also integrate HR department benchmarks to provide a comprehensive viewpoint on the department metrics and the voice of the customer.

Your benefit

HR voice of the customer survey will help your HR organization to:

  • Understand your customers’ agenda and priorities
  • Identify what is perceived as working and what is not
  • Gain a feedback loop for HR policy/process changes
  • Demonstrate that HR is open and listens
  • Raise the profile of HR with internal customers
  • Contribute to improved allocation of HR resources
  • Link customer feedback and HR’s self-assessment to identify perceived service delivery and capability differences

New joiner/on-boarding

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At PwC Saratoga, we take a comprehensive assessment of the process of on-boarding — the complete new hire experience from offer acceptance through the first twelve months of employment. Our on-boarding survey tools recognize that successful assimilation into a new company culture is a highly complex process that spans across departments and requires coordination of multiple teams.

We develop a customized questionnaire targeted at understanding what drives on-boarding effectiveness or causes it to fall short. We provide results segmented by demographics and job roles, turning survey responses into action plans for senior leadership and field managers to facilitate organizational changes. PwC Saratoga uses a web-based diagnostic survey tool to deploy and analyze the survey results.

For many companies, multiple surveys may be required to gain an accurate picture of employee attitudes and perceptions throughout the first year. On-boarding assessments may also include hiring manager satisfaction and quality of hire surveys as part of the assessment.

Your benefit

  • Increase speed-to-productivity and drive to stay with the organization of new hires
  • Improve the quality of hire
  • Improve program investment and drive greater improvements to the business
  • Customize the on-boarding process by employee segment

Talent assessments

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Nearly three out of ten hires in the US are poor quality hires. How do you ensure your hires are the best and the brightest? PwC Saratoga offers assessment solutions that span all aspects of the hiring and selection process. Our comprehensive assessment library includes skills and abilities tests, behavioral and personality assessments, structured interviews, assessment centers and simulations, performance indicators, cultural fit, job fit and career fit, realistic job previews, leadership assessments and custom-built assessments.

Your benefit

PwC Saratoga’s assessment solutions enable your company to:

  • Improve your screening process by helping you quickly identify and select the most talented candidates
  • Determine whether candidate value preferences match your company’s mission and values
  • Ensure candidates thoroughly understand the demands of the role
  • Reduce hiring costs by replacing labor intensive stages of the selection process
  • Assess personality traits and behaviors that are applicable in candidate and employee selection, development and evaluation
  • Predict the success of a potential hire

360 degree feedback

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PwC Saratoga’s 360 feedback program provides the opportunity to tap into the collective insight of your workforce. Research shows that multi-source feedback is a prevailing component of performance management and career development. PwC Saratoga uses leading edge technology to quickly and easily collect the feedback from leaders, peers, and subordinates and surmises it into a powerful developmental tool.

Your benefit

  • Easy to use and 100% automated
  • Customizable instrument. Organizations can customize the instrument based on their competences and performance management program
  • Multi-language 360 survey instrument
  • Robust reporting across employee groups or organizational levels. Individual and rollup reports are available and can be summarized by competencies and performance metrics
  • Client administrator capabilities; this allows for flexible administration, the ability to manage access to reporting, and who participates in the 360 feedback program