Utilities Sector Executive Summary of PwC Saratoga’s 2013/2014 Human Capital Effective Report

September 2013
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Utilities Sector Executive Summary of PwC Saratoga’s 2013/2014 Human Capital Effective Report

At a glance

PwC Saratoga Utilities Consortium brings together utilities companies to focus on the unique challenges of the industry and to provide a forum through which workforce and HR topics can be benchmarked and best practices shared. This year's Executive Summary for the Utilities Sector focuses on key trends from the participating organizations across dozens of utility specific workforce measures.

As the economy continues to strengthen, PwC Saratoga expects that turnover for employees in their first year will rise. Organizations are continuing to focus on the quality of new hires by evaluating and enhancing their hiring, onboarding, and assimilation practices in order to improve engagement among new joiners. Utilities organizations are also focusing their attention on the implementation of succession and workforce planning tools in an effort to mitigate any future challenges caused by the retirement of these populations.

The PwC Saratoga 2013/2014 US Human Capital Effectiveness Report includes data from US operations for more than 300 organizations representing 12 industry sectors for the 2012 calendar year. Utilities sector benchmarks are based on data submitted by a consortium of 29 utilities organizations representing nearly a quarter of a million employees.

The US Human Capital Effectiveness Report takes a look at recent trends and what they mean for a wide array of industries. In this report, we explore top themes that emerge from the perspective of the utilities sector, as compared to a cross sector view (referred to as All industry in this report).

The full PwC Saratoga Human Capital Effectiveness report contains thousands of additional benchmark results based on more than 30 demographic segments.