HR Innovation – Winter 2011

December 2011
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US Human Resource Service: HR innovation

At a glance

This issue of HR Innovation looks at current trends and their implications for meeting organizational goals while cultivating and sustaining an efficient, high-performing workforce in a dynamic organizational culture.

HR Innovation offers advanced thinking about the challenges that should be uppermost on the minds and agendas of organizations and their Human Resources (HR) leaders. Today’s economic and operating environment is fraught with risks and unknowns. It’s no place for the meek. The good news: more than 80% of CEOs we recently surveyed recognize the gravity of the situation and its implications for their people strategies.


The upshot: It’s a great, albeit challenging, time to be a part of HR, where the people engine gets its juice and the entity’s goals get their legs. The workforce today is more complex than ever. Gone are the days of one-earner households, one-nation economies, and one-company careers. HR is a major player in a global economy that’s changing with every tick of Big Ben, every headline in Times Square, every tweet, on every street, from Boston to Beijing and beyond.


These changes affect not only operations, but people and the way they do their work, leave their mark, and live their lives. Our fates are intertwined--whether that’s universally recognized or not. It’s HR that helps drive the critical connections between the organization, its objectives, and the people who can make them happen.