HR Innovation - Summer 2012

July 2012

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HR Innovation offers advanced thinking about the challenges that should be uppermost on the minds and agendas of organizations and their Human Resources (HR) leaders.

Talent is at a premium. Misalignment between available workers and needed skills, along with expanding timeframes for finding talent are limiting the ability of companies to fully pursue growth agendas. The days of cost cutting, hiring freezes, and hamstrung budgets have yielded to a pressing need for businesses to get back to growth and for HR to mobilize and manage the talent that can make it happen.

Harnessing the strength of human capital capabilities in pursuit of competitive advantage and global growth remains our guiding goal. But today, it's not enough. The C-suite wants HR to hit the sweet spot with better, smarter, faster, and leaner performance. The time is right for HR to step up its game and meet these stepped-up demands and expectations. How do we get there? Challenging though it might be, we believe the tools exist to get the job done.

A significant part of the answer lies not in the soft skills so often presumed to underlie the essence of HR, but in the nuance of data. Far from turning the HR practice into a numbers game, it's about using workforce data to better read our organizations and the people that power them.

Leading organizations are utilizing human capital metrics, surveys, and predictive analytics to bring workforce insights out of the shadows and to draw a vivid profile of everything from workforce trends, patterns, and motivations to operational and HR cost drivers and organizational assets. Today's expectations are high. But HR today has access to a suite of analytical tools like never before — analyses that can help us enable our enterprise assets and inform the C-suite with high-performance, high-level, and highly effective perspectives and insights.

If you're interested in getting a closer look into these assets and how they can help you meet your strategic organizational and HR goals, dig into this edition of HR Innovation. In the following pages, we'll take you on a journey through the ins and outs of workforce analytics and give you a good view into the challenges and triumphs that await:

  • From point of no return to return on investment: Smart ways to gather workforce intelligence for big gains
  • HR’s game-changer: Predictive analytics
  • Focus on the fundamentals but reach for the Clouds
  • Shared services grows up: Why the time might be right to put Next Generation SSC to work

We see this data as a sleeping, benevolent giant that's poised to bestow keen insights and a more sophisticated, competitive, sustainable talent model on HR leaders, the organizations they serve, and the talent they manage. They who hesitate won't necessarily be lost. But they won't be standing on the shoulders of giants, either. They could. And they should. How good is your view? How high are you aiming?

Scott Olsen discusses workforce analytics