HR Innovation - Spring 2012

April 2012
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HR Innovation - Spring 2012

At a glance

HR Innovation offers advanced thinking about the challenges that should be uppermost on the minds and agendas of organizations and their Human Resources (HR) leaders.

HR issues in today's world are easily pulled along on a current of macro-trends: skill gaps, generational complexities, economic uncertainty, employee wellness, and the implications of new technologies. No doubt, you can easily name your own top-of-mind HR management challenges. But underlying these glaring attention grabbers is an undertow of risk, as ongoing regulatory activity and market unease force organizations to think through a risk lens enterprise-wide or suffer serious financial and reputational consequences.

In this environment, the tax, accounting, and regulatory waters swirling around HR are deep, roiling, and sometimes murky. As HR leaders recognize the need for greater vigilance, they're moving toward heightened risk resiliency and a dynamic, ingrained approach to identifying, assessing, and managing risk.

You can help keep your organization afloat and enable it to ride a wave of success by safeguarding both the bottom line and your company's brand. Effective navigation will take astute planning; proactive tax, accounting, and regulatory risk management; and a crisp, strategic focus on reward programs and talent.

In this issue of HR Innovation, we'll chart a course that points out key channels through which risk can emerge, and delineate how HR can tip the balance toward risk mitigation amid choppy seas. You can read more in these articles:
  • Crossing the border without sinking in treacherous waters
  • Employer obligations escalate amid rigorous regulatory demands
  • Risk budgeting demystified
  • Compensation today: 'How much?' might not refer to salaries, but to risks
  • Where talent and turbulence meet: Empowering people to remedy risk
Even as the search for growth opportunities re-emerges, risk can pull your enterprise down. I hope you'll spend some time with HR Innovation in the days and weeks ahead to gain insight into the current risk climate and set sail for safe waters going forward.
Scott Olsen introduces the Spring issue of HR Innovation that provides insight into the current risk climate