Human Resource Services (HRS)

Human Resource Services

We assist clients in improving the performance of all aspects of their HR organizations, both management of Human Capital (HC) and HR operational excellence, through thought leadership and innovation.

Critical issues in HR

Reward effectiveness & efficiency
Aligning reward programs with talent and business strategies

Critical issues in HR

Risk management, regulatory & compliance
Enhancing controls for human capital processes and mitigating risk around HR

Critical issues in HR

HR & workforce effectiveness
Improving HR operations through workforce analytics

Critical issues in HR

Transaction effectiveness
Enhancing transaction value through human capital programs

Critical issues in HR

Global mobility
Breaking down borders

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The continually changing HR landscape


Thought leadership

What is your organization doing to tackle current and future global HR risk and compliance issues?

70% of US CEOs are very concerned with the availability of key skills and 62% plan to increase headcount in 2014

Explore 2014 US CEO survey findings

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Scott Olsen
US Human Resource Services Leader
Tel: +1 (646) 471 0651

Peter Clarke
Global IAS Leader
Tel: +1 (203) 539 3826
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