Total compensation services

Your issue: Finding the right resources to help you with your compensation and reward programs.

All companies face the challenge of aligning their business objectives with employee compensation. Executive pay is in the regulatory spotlight, with increasing pressure around compensation transparency, accountability and quality, and increasing regulatory complexity. In addition, competition is fierce for the talent that will help companies drive their business performance. Further, factors such as increasing healthcare costs, declining population growth and increased demand for global mobility, all contribute to an increase in compensation and benefit costs. As a result, compensation strategies can be complex to devise, difficult to maintain and challenging to administer from a compliance perspective.

The way forward

PwC's global network of compensation and reward professionals can work with you to properly align your reward tools, programs and processes with your company’s objectives and culture, translating your company strategy into the desired compensation approach. We can provide customized services in the areas of:  
  • Compensation and reward strategy, design and risk assessment
  • Tax and accounting efficiency
  • Competitive pay analysis
  • Short-term and long-term incentive benchmarking, design and analysis
  • Stock/equity plan benchmarking, design analysis and implementation—domestic and global
  • Compensation processes, including interaction with outside administrators
  • Change-in-control payment and benefit modeling
  • Liability tracking for mobile employees

Value to your company

Our compensation and reward professionals have the HR and financial knowledge required to help you align your employee reward programs with your business goals and objectives. Our compensation and reward services are designed to help you design and manage compensation and reward programs that:
  • Support your corporate strategy and objectives
  • Feature long-term compensation strategies that are based on value and corporate stability
  • Help you remain competitive and attract skilled employees at both local and international levels
  • Are cost effective, tax efficient and in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Address stakeholder concerns
  • Deliver effective administrative processes that make the best use of scarce internal resources
  • Are flexible and able to evolve with transactions, such as a merger or acquisition
  • Foster employee retention and job satisfaction
Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to achieve your compensation and reward program goals.