Talent Mobility: A Global Approach to Talent Management

March 2012
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Talent Mobility: A Global Approach to Talent Management

At a glance

In this article, PwC Principal, Eileen Mullaney discusses the talent mobility shift — the talent pool is no longer a headquarters or even a local talent pool, but a global talent pool.

The rapid pace of globalization continues to make expanding a company’s global footprint into new and emerging markets a necessary business response. Such expansion hinges on how effectively key individuals are deployed to international locations to support overall business goals and objectives. To retain these key individuals, companies must recognize the importance of both global mobility and talent management programs, and take steps to link the two.

In the past, assignments were used to set up operations or transfer corporate culture, rather than as a critical component of an individual’s overall career plan. In today’s environment, the organization needs to revisit the basic questions of its mobility strategy (i.e., “Why do we need a mobility program?” “What is the purpose of assignments?” “How are we growing our leaders for tomorrow?”).

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