International assignment perspectives: Volume 5

October 2011
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International assignment perspectives: Volume 5

At a glance

International assignment perspectives, prepared by PwC's global mobility consulting professionals, addresses some of the most urgent issues facing companies with globally mobile workforces.

Cross-border assignments are showing no signs of a slowdown. In fact, 59% of CEOs surveyed plan to send more staff on international assignments. And while achieving cost-effective assignments has always been a strategic priority, the economic downturn has placed a renewed and enduring emphasis on cost control.

Considering that even a well-planned assignment can cost three to five times an assignee’s salary, effective and strategic planning—from tax considerations to how an assignment is structured—is more important than ever. We’re seeing an increase in the use of short-term assignments and commuter arrangements. While long-term assignments continue to be used widely, these alternative arrangements are often more cost effective and provide a greater degree of flexibility to the employee and the organization. For many organizations, it’s a good time to consider whether supplementing long-term assignments with alternative options will meet your business’ strategic needs.

International Assignment Perspectives—Volume 5 is a collection of thought leadership articles exploring these and other issues. We hope this fifth edition in the series is insightful and thought provoking, and provides you with a strategic framework for addressing the current and future challenges of international assignments.

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