Planning and compliance

Tax program services are the most fundamental to our international assignment services (IAS) offerings and the core of our business. We offer total tax program administration for your organization (tracking foreign tax credits, coordinating tax-related paperwork, updating management on compliance, etc.), as well as tax planning and implementation in home and host countries (analyzing filing positions, providing hypothetical tax calculations, preparing necessary home and host country filings, assisting with tax authorities and inquiries, etc.).

Equity planner

Global equity-based compensation is a detailed and complicated vehicle. A key goal for many clients is to reduce exposure to global compliance risk by creating a centralized, self-adjusting global optionee tax withholding and information reporting system. We often help equity compensation clients create processes to manage inter-company billing and reconciliations, leveraging third party vendor and global networks.

Risk management

Risk finds its way into your organization on multiple levels. It's inherent to have risk management across the various aspects of the international assignment cycle. We can assist you in mitigating such risk.

Tax minimization

The cost of an assignment can be surprisingly high, often as much as two to three times the average assignee's base salary. Thus, finding ways to minimize this cost is of tremendous importance to your organization. Beginning with our first day working on an engagement, our approach follows the principles of change management that encourage stakeholder involvement and support. Because each client is culturally and structurally unique, each engagement will arrive at a unique set of strategies to meet goals that fit within an overall corporate approach to risk and savings.