Top nine health industry issues in 2009

Innovators in the health industry may be able to profit and grow their business in 2009, despite adverse economic realities and a prediction that the economy will continue to slow. However, to do this business leaders will also have to face additional external forces including new financial realities, regulations, technology and a new president and Congress.  

The PwC report from the Health Research Institute (HRI) identifies nine significant issues that will impact the health industry in 2009. The report also addresses the implications of these issues for businesses and the industry-at-large.

Top nine issues addressed in the report include:

  1. Impact of economic downturn
  2. Underinsured and uninsured
  3. M&A in the pharmaceutical industry
  4. Prevention
  5. Genetic testing
  6. Technology
  7. Hospitals - pay for performance
  8. Payers and employers using incentives for healthier lifestyle
  9. ICD-10
Top nine health industry issues in 2009

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