The quality conundrum: Practical approaches for enhancing patient care

More than a year in development, The quality conundrum is a compilation of essays by PwC subject matter specialists, discussions with selected clients and insights from our interviews with health industry leaders in the United States and around the world. It explores the barriers that have made healthcare quality improvements difficult to achieve, and outlines a clear path to progress. It includes a discussion of quality from the patient's perspective, in the journey across the health care system.

This book will be of interest to:
  • Hospitals and physicians wishing to enhance their quality reporting and performance in response to increasing consumer, payer and regulatory demands for transparency,
  • Health plans exploring the use of quality incentives for providers and consumers,
  • Employers seeking more value for their money and interested in helping their employees make better
    healthcare and lifestyle decisions, and
  • Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies wanting to improve their reputations by managing their pre- and post-market quality.

This new HRI report explores quality as a multi-dimensional
issue that impacts functional areas across health organizations, with repercussions for financial performance, clinical/care management, operations, and technology development and integration. We believe this is the most comprehensive book on health quality published to date.

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The quality conundrum: Practical approaches for enhancing patient care

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