Medical identity theft and data mismanagement

The PwC's brochure includes key drivers and facts regarding the protection of sensitive information to avoid medical identity theft and data mismanagement. Data losses can be devastating - besides potential fines and lawsuits, security breaches can have long-term impact on your organization's brand and reputation. Common vulnerabilities and practices that compromise social security numbers (SSN) and sensitive data include:

  • Mobile and home-based workforce, laptops and portable devices
  • Third-party vendor and outsourcing handling, transfers and lost records
  • Mishandling and theft of back-up tapes
  • Paper handling and dumpster diving
  • Call centers and social engineering
  • Collecting / using SSNs and personal information more than necessary without properly de-identifying or masking information
  • Improper access or broad access controls
  • Unauthorized software and use of peer-to-peer networks or accidental file sharing
  • One-off and other DTC mis-mailings
  • Record retention and eDiscovery
Medical identity theft and data mismanagement

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