Health System Disaster Preparedness

Health System Disaster Preparedness

Hurricanes. Summer floods in the Midwest. The wildfires that devastated Southern California. Just a long list of the disasters that Americans have to contend with on a regular basis. But when such disasters strike — most US citizens must rely on a medical system that is ill-prepared to deal with such emergencies.

With this in mind, PwC's Health Research Institute recently examined the preparedness of the US health and medical system. The result was Closing the Seams: Developing an integrated approach to health system disaster preparedness, a new report that looks at ways in which providers and communities can deliver effective healthcare in the face of the unknown.

In this podcast, PwC health industry leaders, Dr. David Levy and Dr. Peach Taylor discuss how to develop an integrated approach to health system disaster preparedness.

Podcast: Health System Disaster Preparedness
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