Pulling it all together: social, mobile, analytics, cloud

Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies are the underpinnings of new business models in which health organizations will be paid based on value rather than volume. In 2014, these technologies will fundamentally alter how health organizations interact with patients and one another to deliver care and manage health while keeping costs down.

What are the implications?

The future of healthcare is moble
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Implications of integrating technology:

  • Under increasing pressure to keep costs down, providers should promote technologies that help manage patients’ health outside of costly care settings.
  • Shouldering more of their medical costs, health-conscious consumers may be more willing to pay for mobile and other technologies to help manage their health.
  • Drug and device companies must understand consumer behavior and satisfaction in the social media era.
  • Reimbursing non-traditional, mobile-enabled therapies may allow insurers to reduce medical costs.