Medicare ACOs and shared savings models

This brief provides a financial analysis of the ACO opportunity, including a breakdown of return on investment and cash flow possibilities. ACO participation will require deep integration of providers in order to maximize financial results. The brief also shares a review of the infrastructure needs for ACO participation, the necessary information and analytics stages for an ACO, and FAQ.

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Click here for a quick look at what to consider when deciding on ACO participation.

For a quick look at what to consider when deciding on ACO participation:

Partnering with other providers:

  • Mitigating risk
  • Integrating care
  • Improving quality
  • Sharing infrastructure

Financial incentives:

  • Building compensation strategies
  • Shifting hospitals from fee-for-service to global pricing or other forms of risk sharing
  • Aligning incentives
  • Implementing timely claim cost monitoring and feedback to practitioners

Costs of care:

  • Reducing variable costs
  • Reducing operating expenses throughout the health system


  • Attracting more beneficiaries to the network could increase profits
Medicare ACOs and shared savings models

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