New regulations bring new risks to life sciences firms

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is among the most heavily regulated in the world. Today, these companies face unprecedented compliance challenges, and the close regulatory scrutiny to which they are subject is unlikely to abate anytime soon.

Implementing an aggregate spend program in a global marketplace
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Compliance as a market differentiator for pharma companies

At no time have risk resilience and the need to effectively manage compliance been more important to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Companies have to consider a wide range of emerging risks as they adapt their business to changing regulatory and market-driven pressures, including globalization, the advancement of technology, and the changing expectations of stakeholders. New information systems, strategies and processes to manage compliance are rapidly evolving in response to these pressures. Companies are increasingly realizing the value of investments in regulatory compliance by developing approaches that leverage compliance for business growth and increasing competitive differentiation.


Aligning risk and compliance plans for cost efficiencies

Understanding the importance of properly diagnosing risks, and ensuring the proper controls to address compliance issues.

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Risk and compliance analytics

PwC's advanced risk and compliance analytics practice can help you mitigate risk and increase efficiency in a complicated regulatory environment.

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