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Intellectual Property Protection
A non-profit biomedical research organization sought third party consultation and negotiation assistance to license a potential new drug application for an existing compound with multiple potential indications. Their objective was to negotiate and secure a solid up-front payment for the license and establish a significant royalty rate.
Research and development portfolio management
A major pharmaceutical company identified a need to improve its research & development (R&D) portfolio evaluation and prioritization process. Seeking advice, the company turned to the pharmaceutical specialists in PwC's UK valuation & strategy’s group for help.
Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce
After a significant merger, a major global pharmaceutical company faced the challenge of creating a strong brand both externally and internally to achieve fast and successful global integration. As the first initiative to affect employees personally, the new employee compensation and benefits program presented an ideal opportunity to drive forward the identity of the newly formed company and create a consistent employment brand.
Managing regulatory compliance
A major specialty pharmaceutical and medical products manufacturer identified a need to improve inconsistent handling of service and complaint issues related to their marketed products. From both regulatory and business liability perspectives, it is critically important to pharmaceutical and medical device companies that they have robust and compliant drug safety monitoring processes.
Realising tangible value from strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnering arrangements
A rapidly growing US-based biopharmaceutical manufacturer had entered into an exclusive worldwide development and marketing agreement with a major European-based pharmaceutical company. The biopharmaceutical manufacturer sought assistance from PwC's licensing management practice in order to determine the accuracy and completeness of periodic royalty payments that our client received from the European company.
Reputation management
A leading global pharmaceutical company sought assistance from PwC in developing, implementing and validating a global Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance program.
Business intelligence & enterprise-wide data reporting
A pediatric hospital embarks on a path to eliminate complexities within its information and data environment to prepare for the adoption of a robust business intelligence platform.
Quality and outcome management
PwC helps a hospital partner with physicians to improve their quality rankings.
Regional healthcare system transforms IT infrastructure
Faced with financial and staffing constraints, a large academic medical center struggles with transforming its outdated IT infrastructure and create a technologically current, systemwide clinical information system.
Hospital strives for transformational improvement
A healthcare provider embarks on a strategy to launch a multi-year, enterprise-wise process-improvement program, and to implement an integrated suite of clinical, administrative, and financial IT applications across the organization.
Healthcare provider achieves greater efficiency
A multi-institutional US healthcare system implements a three-year strategy to confront multiple challenges, including increased market uncertainty and diverse regional markets, cultures, and reporting mechanisms among its facilities.
Healthcare system deploys health information exchange
A healthcare system recognizes an opportunity to use technology to connect its physicians, hospitals, and patients and ultimately improve the overall health of the community.
Healthcare system enhances charge capture process
A healthcare system encompassing 10 hospitals was not capturing all of its billable services, and looks to PwC to implement a "train-the-trainer" approach to help its revenue integrity staff sustain accurate billing processes and outcomes.
Healthcare provider reduces expenses
After Standard & Poor’s placed its ratings on CreditWatch, the provider sought assistance to resolve numerous financial issues by reducing expenses, increasing revenue and improving their credit standing.
Global organization achieves cross-functional identity management.
A healthcare organization that provides medical imagine, diagnostics, patient-monitoring systems, disease research, drug discover, and biopharmaceutical services in more than 100 countries needed a standardized identity management and user-provisioning system.
Provider identifies revenue-generating service-line improvements
A continuing decline in profitability prompted an urban, not-for-profit hospital to pursue a new strategy to enhance its financial performance.
Reimbursement management
Hospitals increase Medicare reimbursements with more accurate wage index reporting.
Supply chain management
Healthcare provider streamlines a hospital&s supply chain management, reduces annual expenses by millions.
Transaction services
A multi-state healthcare provider turns a cost center into independent services company.
Provider renews partnership and cut costs with IT offshoring solution
Several years into a multiyear contract with a leading IT outsourcing provider, a national healthcare company recognizes an opportunity to renegotiate the agreement.
Safety-net hospital launches performance improvement initiatives
A large, public, "safety-net" hospital faced a complex set of problems since it was the region’s only Level 1 trauma center, and served dual critical missions to provide healthcare for the uninsured and for those in need of trauma services.
Breakthrough solution for health benefits for retirees
A major professional human resources policy association needed a sustainable solution to a critical problem: retiree health benefits. The association realized that retiree healthcare presents one of the most significant challenges facing many of its member companies and their employees and retirees.
Effective and proactive internal audit function
A payer needed an internal audit function that would fit the scope of its business and meet industry standards. In today’s complex payer environment, this client faced increased financial risk by not having an actively managed internal control environment.
Gaining competitive advantage with new CDHP product
A payer wanted to be more competitive with other payers offering CDHPs. The organization believed that developing such a plan would increase new business wins and diminish potential losses.
Improve compliance and litigation response
A payer had incurred unusually high costs to identify and produce data in response to requests for information during litigation proceedings.
Improves call center efficiency
A payer sought to better manage customer call center touch-points and the training and efficiency of its customer service staff. Additionally, the payer wanted to enhance the value of the data extracted from its data warehouse to develop more meaningful reports to guide more effective management.
Improving claims processing
A payer experienced problems with claims overpayments that required excessive claims rework. To track down the source of the problems, the client requested an assessment of the efficiency and accuracy of its claims, provider contract administration and enrollment processes.
Integrating CDHP product and systems
Through a significant merger, a health benefits company, acquired a leading consumer-driven healthcare program (CDHP) innovator.
International expansion challenges
A US payer wanted to explore international opportunities. Although confident that its capabilities would bring value to the system, the client sought greater familiarization with the foreign country before proceeding.
Outsourcing to expand Medicare business
A large US payer wanted to expand the reach of its existing Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Part D) plan from 10 states to 50, while simultaneously launching a private fee-for-service plan under the Medicare Advantage program.
Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements
A US payer, which sells health, dental and life insurance; annuity products; and related services to employers and individuals, faced a critical IT challenge.
Streamlines business processes and updates IT system
A payer needed to update its aging legacy information technology (IT) system to keep up with its growing business requirements.
Using due diligence to refine acquisition price
A large, publicly traded commercial payer required reliable due diligence information before it could proceed with plans to purchase another health benefits company.