Disruptions in healthcare are creating a New Health Economy

Health wearables: Early days

21st Century Pharmaceutical Collaboration: The Value Convergence

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Money matters

Money matters:

Billing and payment for a New Health Economy

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Top Health Industry Issues of 2015

Top Health Industry Issues of 2015

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Healthcare's new entrants

Who will be the industry's Amazon.com?

The health sector’s center of gravity is shifting toward consumers and new tech-savvy players are moving fast to capitalize on the change. These new entrants are poised to shake up the industry, building lucrative new markets in the burgeoning New Health Economy. Our report looks at these new players, and the impact they already are having on the industry. Learn more


New entrants, reimbursement, care delivery models and relationships

The healthcare industry has been slow to deliver customer-centered value. But the ground is shifting rapidly. The New Health Economy represents the most significant re-engineering of the U.S. health system since employers began covering workers in the 1930s.

Five trends influenced by the Affordable Care Act ignite transformation

Though the groundwork was laid in advance of the law’s enactment, health industry business models and imperatives will likely never be the same. Learn how five trends have ignited this transformation.


US spend on health and wellness

In 2012, US spent more than $2.8 trillion on healthcare, and another $267 billion on other health-related products and services.

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Disruptive innovation in healthcare

Rising costs, market pressures, and scientific advancements are creating new opportunities for growth that are bringing more new market entrants to invest in the US health industry.


The New Health Economy

For more information, read our essay on The New Health Economy.